Digital Operations Coordinator

  • Full Time
  • Charleston, SC
  • This position has been filled

Post and Courier


The Digital Operations Coordinator will be responsible for fulfilling, analyzing and strategically optimizing interactive advertising campaigns for The Post and Courier.

– Ad trafficking and scheduling: Facilitate workflow and communication to ensure that all deadlines are efficiently and consistently met from inception to execution.
– Campaign implementation and maintenance: Work closely with local ad ops team and off-site partners to warrant successful campaign launches and sustainability.
– Performance monitoring and optimization: Complete analytic and metric reviews regularly to ensure clients’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded.
– Campaign reporting and analysis: Analyze campaign performance statistics and recommend strategic, optimized media solutions from the results.
– Troubleshooting: Navigate and overcome campaign fulfillment issues and ad server discrepancies by collaborating with local ad ops and developers, while providing technical support and expertise to the sales team.
– Inventory forecasting: Become the centralized point for forecasting, site capacity management, and monetization across The Aiken Standard and North Augusta Star sites. Monitor and recommend appropriate inventory levels for site sections while taking into account new packages, programs, and sponsorships.
– Client retention and relationship growth: Strive to improve client retention rates by analyzing not only the campaign itself, but the user experience, communications, and available media solutions.
– Sales and operations team support: Support and work closely, cross-functionally with creative house, sales planning, developers, management and operations.
– Billing and account assistance: Support sales teams for billing/fulfillment reconciliation, and provide additional team assistance when required to ensure client accounts remain in good credit standing.
– Team development: Help improve our daily processes and procedures, grow our client offerings, meet with new partners, research the latest industry trend, share marketing intel, network at an upcoming oyster roast or plan our next team building exercise. Ideas are welcome.

Requirements, minimum education level, and experience:

  • BA/BS degree required
    Minimum of one year of experience in a professional environment.
    Candidate must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
    Ability to become Google AdWords certified

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Results-oriented, pragmatic, and passionate about digital marketing
    Detailed work ethic, be highly motivated, well organized and be able to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individual customers, as well as all levels of employees

Physical Requirements: Close eye work, continuous sitting, constant walking, standing, light to moderate lifting 15-30 pounds (per safety policy).